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Welcome to Austin Stripe!

Austin Stripe specializes in working with small lots and tight spaces.


Unlike other companies we use hand driven equipment and paint techniques which limit over-spray and allow us to cater to small business and tight time frames.

We can often give a rough quote over the phone just by looking at Google maps.

Who are we, do we really just paint parking lots?

We have 50 years combined experience in the trades, including residential and commercial painting and yep we just paint stripes!

Corey has deep roots in Texas, and was a trades instructor at ACC. His family owns Julio's Cafe on 43rd St. and he lives in Northwest Austin. During the off-season, he and his wife work on his uncles's organic orchard on the Big Island of Hawai'i farming citrus and cacao. 

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Frequently Asked Questions....

Can you work at night when my customers aren't here? 

Yes! We cater to small business instead stadiums and malls. This means we are prepared to work at night and schedule 7 days a week

Do I need to move all the cars in my lot?

Nope, as long as they have an empty space between them and are not parked too close to the line. We will shield any vehicle that can't be moved for a small fee to cover the cost of masking per each car left in your lot. 

I only have a few spaces, will you do a job that small?

Absolutely! We have a minimum price of $400 which covers up to about 5 spaces. If you have more than 5 spaces, we base estimates on a per line basis. Symbols like handicap spaces are priced individually and are not included in the minimum cost.

Do you do resurfacing of blacktop or paint new lines on a freshly done blacktop?

No, we leave that to the large companies. 

What if I don't own the property but want my lot done?

We will give you a bid that you can pass on to the leasing company for your business. Sometimes they will pay for it, but often our customers will pay for it themselves and skip the middle man.

What if its bad weather on my scheduled paint day?

Inclement weather is the biggest challenge with parking lot painting. Expect to be rescheduled a few times before your lot is done. You know what they say about weather in Texas!


Contact Us

Need a quote, have a question, looking to join the team? Fill out the form, call, text or email directly. It goes right to Corey's inbox and he replies personally to every inquiry.

Thank you and keep crushing it!

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